Digital Health Exhibition

specially organized event within the framework of the Global Conference on Primary Health Care in cooperation with the Government of Kazakhstan, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. This international event will be held on October 25-26 in Astana on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration.

Basic goals

  • Provide a platform for policymakers, health professionals, IT companies and providers of ICT solutions in the area of primary health care during the 40th anniversary conference on the Alma-Ata Declaration
  • Learn the outstanding and innovative examples of solutions in the field of digital health in the field of primary health care around the world
  • Raise awareness of the new declaration on primary health care between decision-makers and key stakeholders
  • Demonstrate the role of civil society and youth groups in providing primary health care using ICT solutions (mHealth, IOT, telemedicine, AI, etc.)


Andrey Sokol

Christopher Fabian

Christopher Fabian is a technologist, one of the founders of the UNICEF Innovation Group in 2006. He is the chief adviser in the UNICEF Innovation Division.

Darko Gvozdanovich

Darko Gvozdanovich MS has 18 years of experience working with Ericsson Nikola Tesla (ETK). During this period, Darko rose from the analyst to the person responsible for the full portfolio of eHealth.

Olzhas Abishev

Vice Minister for Digitalization of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Bartoccioni Filippo

Provost (First Vice-Rector) at Astana Medical University, Astana Honorary Professor of Health Technology Assesment

Бейбут Есенбаев

Директор департамента цифровизации здравоохранения МЗ РК – Цифровизация здравоохранения в Казахстане сегодня

Organising Committee


National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan